All our dolls are exclusively made, based on our own designs and patterns

Our dolls are prepared in different sizes and styles.
The 100 cm (39 ³/₈ inch) tall, soft-cotton Selfie doll sit well (thanks to the moving joints), so you don't need an extra high shelves to accommodate :) The base price includes one 100 cm (39 ³/₈ inch) tall doll, with a simple outfits - a shirt, pants, shoes.

You able to ask that the doll should wearing an elegant man-suit (with lined) , all accessories what a man wearing (belt, undercloths, tie etc.) or special women's outfits that you can specify in detail - without quantitative restrictions.

Have a custom made doll replica I designed after you or your loved ones!
Send me a few whole figure photos and a portrait of yourself, your friends, love or family and I will have you and them dollified! :)
Creating the dolls takes about 10-12 weeks from the time when we agreed the sketch.

The Selfie Doll ordering process:
1. Send us a couple of photos of the person receiving the selfie doll.
2. We prepare a mockup of the doll and send it to you via email
3. You pay the price and shipping fee via PayPal.
4. We prepare the doll until the deadline.
5. Once the doll is ready, we send you a photo of the doll so you can check it one last time.
6. After your approval, the doll will be shipped to you!.