Dear visitors, we can only take orders for an uncertain deadline!
All our creatures are exclusively made, based on our own designs and patterns!
Our dolls are prepared in different sizes and styles, and are primarily hand sewn. We’ll prepare anything you wish for starting from dress-up dolls or Waldorf-style dolls for children to special collectors’ items (such as anime, manga, steampunk characters) in 40 to 60 cm sizes (approximately 15 to 24 inches). Just let us know the type and size of the doll you would like to order and we’ll plan it for you, send you the sketches and prepare the doll for you according to the deadline we agree on. Our dolls that are prepared for children are made without parts that could actually tear off, their eyes are stitched (or made using safety doll eyes upon request), and their hair is made of thread, securely fixed to the head. The dolls we prepare as collectors’ items are strictly for decoration purposes as their painted face, hair, clothing is not designed to resist rough usage and daily play.
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Apart from the dolls, we also prepare plush and faux fur animals and toys, ranging from 30 to 80 cm in size (about 12 to 31 inches). Our plushies are made using a really soft, lint-free babyplush or babysoft fabric, with stitched faces and without tearable parts so they are safe for the youngest children, too. Our faux fur animals are made for adults and older children. The fur animals are made using safety doll eyes, but a small amount of their fur could naturally fall out over time so they are not recommended for very small children. Our plushies and faux fur animals are entirely based on our original designs and patterns, we do not manufacture items in mass-production and we would never copy the characters of another designer or prepare the exact copy of a toy that already exists in stores.
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We prepare our cute little beasts, zombies, monsters and freaks in approximately 30 cm sized pieces (about 12 inches). These little mutants are prepared using natural materials, such as linen or all-natural hemp sackcloth fabric and are all hand-painted. Apart from zombies, voodoo dolls and beasts, we accept orders for all kinds of gruesome creatures (within the bounds of decency) if you tell us exactly what you would like to have. When it comes to freak dolls, nothing is too scary for us!
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Our ordering process:
1. You write us an email describing the type of doll you wish to order.
2. We prepare a sketch and send it to you via email.
3. You transfer the cost and shipping fee to us via PayPal.
4. We make the doll according to the deadline.
5. Once the doll is ready, we send you a photo of the doll so you can check it one last time.
6. After your approval, the doll will be shipped to you!

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